Friday, November 23, 2012

Review: Jersey Angel - Beth Ann Bauman

With summer coming up are you looking for a beach read ?
Review: Jersey Angel - Beth Ann Bauman - May 2012
It's summer time in the Jersey Shore and no we aren't talking about Snooki for once but seventeen year old Angel who this summer is about to experience alot of new things this summer and it will show her exactly how life can be fleeting and that sometimes you have to appreciate the things you had as in a blink of an eye they may be over or worse, they weren't yours for the taking.  If you are looking for a nice clean no-frills teen book then Jersey Angel is not for you as it is filled with sex-crazed teens as we first see Angel break up with on/off boyfriend Joey and in a fit to try and make sense of it all , she ends up sleeping with her best friend Ingy's long-term boyfriend in not just one fling but what ends up a whole summer long fling with of course other flirts along the way with no care in the world about the consequences that may follow these actions like her best friend being betrayed by the ones she loves most in the world, if she was to ever find out.  Reading this book was such an easy read with no need to think about much and is basically just a carefree fling of summer romances before of course school starts back and life turns serious once again.

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