Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: Small town Storm - Elise K. Ackers

Today's Destiny Romance spotlighted and reviewed on "The Phantom Paragrapher" thanks to Netgalley is Elise K. Ackers' release "Small Town Storm".
Review: Small Town Storm - Elise K. Ackers - August 2012
Did you enjoy that movie "The Sixth Sense" ? In a way this book first reminded me of the movie as we learn that the main character's mother tried to kill her overtime by posioning her food and lacing it with arsenic . Nineteen years ago Erica's mother Alicia was convicted of trying to kill her daughter, that night Erica left behind the one person in the world that she cared about - best friend Jordie Hill. Now flash forward nineteen years, the pair of them have somehow found their ways back to their hometown and are both again in their own ways wanting answers about what happened that fateful night. Jordan has grown up to become the Chief of Police and Erica a Veternarian. Though it seems that trouble cannot stay away from Erica as members of the community and her past start to turn up dead and Erica ends up looking like Murder Suspect #1. With the help of Jordan , can the two move past their history and work together to find out who is framing Erica ? Can the duo solve the crime before the pair of them end uo being next on the murder list ? Unlike the first one of Destiny's collection "Wish by Kelly Hunter" - Small Town Storm though they both have a mystery angle , does read a bit more darker and if serial killers and chopped limbs aren't your cup of tea then you might be suited more towards something else but me , I just love my serial killer books, putting Small Town Storm as a Five P Read.

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  1. Totally agree, this book needs to be turned into a movie! I couldn't put it down, the romance side was beautiful and the suspense side really keeps you on your toes! A great read.


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