Monday, November 5, 2012

Review: Speechless -Hannah Harrington

I first fell in love with Hannah Harrington as an author once I had finished devouring her book "Saving June" , as a fan of edgy content novels. I really enjoyed it and when I saw that she had written a new book, I jumped at the chance to review an ARC of it.
In a way this book reminded me of a couple of stories but a mixture between The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay and Shine by Lauren Myracle.
Review: Speechless - Hannah Harrington - August 2012
 I first discovered Hannah Harrington with her book "Saving June" , it was a book  about the main character's older sister committing suicide - an act that no-one saw coming. She then finds a CD case in her sisters room and from there, starts discovering that her sister had a whole different life that she had kept secret.  I have a thing about reading books that like to challenge certain topics and are out of the norm , so more often than not they fit into the category of "Edgy Content Fiction".
Speechless tells the story of Chelsea Knot who was once popular but also could'nt keep a secret, she was the type of girl that didn't have any control over her mouth so at a party when she sees that someone is gay , she has to open her mouth and share it with her friends. This incident though causes a tragedy when two of her friends end up beating and leaving the gay guy Noah lying in a hospital bed unsure if he will ever wake up.  Inspired by a National Geographic piece, Chelsea decides to take a vow of silence. It proves harder though when she arrives at school and has found the whole school turned against her regarding the incident - because she fixed her wrongs.  Thus begins a journey of Chelsea's silence in which will end up not only a journey of self-discovery but also a journey into finding a new set of friends, who like her for who she is not what she was or who she hung out with. One of the great things that I loved about the book was that you got to experience the difficulty that one endures when they don't have the ability or decide not to talk especially in a situation like everyday high school.
This was an awesome novel and I recommend it to all to read and if you haven't check out Saving June and I look forward to reading what else Hannah Harrington brings forth to the world of YA/Teen Literature.

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