Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: The List - Siobhan Vivian

Looking for a great teen read ? One that gets into the nitty-gritty of high school ? The Who's Hot or Not lists ?
Review: The List - Siobhan Vivian- April 2012
Every year , a list goes out naming the hottest female in every year and along with the hottest - you have the ugliest. The list has been a school tradition in the week coming up to homecoming. This year though was supposed to not have a list, but someone has taken on the tradition and created their very own list.  What effects will it take though of those whose names are on the list ? We have newcomers Abby - whose been voted the hottest , but what will happen when it is discovered that her older sister Fern - was once voted the ugliest ? Danielle DeMarco - has been voted the ugliest and nicknamed "Dan the Man" - what will her junior varsity football playing boyfriend Andrew think and will it be the end of their romance and it just viewed as a Summer fling or will he stand by her and prove to her that the list is just a piece of paper ? Next up on the list is Candace and Laura - now Candace has been voted the ugliest but of course , this has to be a mistake as of course she is the Queen Bee in her year and by far the most stunning but she is about to learn that being beautiful goes all the way down and that the whole idea of beauty needs not only be skin deep.  Laura is new to the school and very new to the whole world of cliques and now being voted the most beautiful girl in her year, can Laura find her place in the world of high-school. However can she keep it a secret from her mum who seems to be wanting to find any excuse to take her out of high school ? One year up is Bridget and Sarah - Bridget spent the whole summer purging and now has been voted Most Beautiful - how will Bridget react though, will she continue her anorexic binge ? Sarah - has always been one not to conform , so what will happen when she decides to take the Ugly label one step too far by not showering etc .Will Sarah realise that she isn't alone and that her best friend Milo, really does care about her ?  Last but not least was the most interesting and interactive pair in the book "Margo and Jennifer". These two were inseparable when they were younger and then one day just like that, Margo didn't want to be friends with Jennifer. Jennifer has also got a claim to fame - she is the only girl to be on the ugliest list right through high school.  What happens though with a twist of events and Jennifer ends up running against Margo for Homecoming Queen - Is this a case of "She's all That" movie ?
A great read for all to enjoy as it really does give a strong insight into the cliques and dynamics of high school.

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