Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: The Saints of the Cross - Michelle Figley

Looking for a good teenage book to read ? Prefer to read a Debut novel ?
Check out this awesome book I read last night and of course the cover is amazing too :)
Review: The Saints of the Cross - Michelle Figley - October 2012
The Saints of the Cross is a teenage fiction that spans over two continents and a truckload of countries. The novel first starts off in Spain, where Evie's father Captain Nash is currently working at his post there for the Navy . Evie meets one coffee shop visit , a handsome guy by the name of Javier and from then on for the next year it is love at first sight or glance and the pair become hopelessy heads over heels in love until tragic circumstances arise and Evie finds her dad is being posted back to America. In America, Evie begins school at The Holy Cross and meets a new group of friends including Camilla , Xander , Christian and Jude , Laurel. Together the group becomes close and sparks fly between Xander and Evie. Sooner than later Evie has forgotten in a sense about Javier and falls in love with Xander.  Trying to get hold of Javier and with no luck, Evie believes he has forgotten about her and then doing what is right she tries to move on. Romantic entanglements though will happen with Evie when near the end of the novel she tries to fight off not two but three different guys who all want a part of her ? Can her heart tell her which to be with or will her judgement be jaded as she discovers a closet fill of dark secrets her father has been hiding about herself and her mother who is supposedly dead.
A really great book , that all should read and I look forward to reading more novels of Michelle's as this debut novel was awesomeness.


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