Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review: The Mother-Daughter Book Club - Heather Vogel Frederick

Looking for a book that either your tween or even teen girl can read ? One that will hold their interests in classics an such books but also deal with reality ?
Review: The Mother-Daughter Book Club - Book #1 MD BC -Heather Vogel Frederick - April 2007
What mischief can occur when a group of mothers who all share the same Yoga Class and most of them have been friends since their children were babies. Now their daughters are 12yrs old and growing up fast and so they decide to start a Mother-Daughter book club. The mothers though they may be friends and their daughters once were, are about to learn that they now move in different circles.  In the group we have Emma and her mother - the local Librarian , Jess whose father - a goat farmer attends the first session as Jess's mum is a big Hollywood star and is currently starring on a TV soap opera.  Megan - now one of the popular girls and richest girls in the town and her mum - a Charity Philanthropic due to her husband's invention which skyrocketed through the roof with sales and Cassidy - a sports nut and her mother Sloane- a former model.  The girls are reluctantly pulled along to the first meetings and the ones that follow and are being forced to read "Little Women" as Louisa May Alcott was raised in the town that they reside in.  Can the Mothers band together and bring to their daughters, not only their love of books but the true meaning of friendships.
When reading this book, I was in two minds as to whether it would be childish but then I picked it up as I loved the concept of bookgroups and I loved it. I can't wait now to read the remaining books in the series by Heather Vogel Frederick, and the coolest thing is that they each feature a different book and are scattered with facts about the author that they are reading about.


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