Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: Gifted Series :Speak No Evil - Marilyn Kaye

Are you a fan of the Gifted series by Marilyn Kaye ? Have you been following my reviews ?
Get ready for the next book in the series "Speak No Evil"
Review: Speak No Evil - Book #6 Gifted Series - Marilyn Kaye - 2010
At the end of Book #5 , we read as it was discovered that there was a spy amongst the group and that he had been sharing secrets about the gifted group to the bad guys. The spy turned out to be classmate Carter Street. Someone who doesn't really speak throughout class. Carter is then sent to Harmony House - a juvie like centre where he undergoes a series of Pysch evaluations from Dr. Pauley, whom we have read about in the previous titles. It seems that when Carter gets under stress, he can shapeshift into any creature he wishes too . The only downside is that once he shapeshifts back to his human form he cannot remember anything that happened during his shift. In Speak No Evil, we discover about Carter's true identity and what happened to his "real" family and how Carter ended up the soul survivor of a tragic accident.  We also read the decisions made between Amanda and Ken, to whether or not to loose their abilities and undergo an operation to be made normal once again. Will the duo follow through with the case or will they need the classrooms'support.
Will this operation be a repeat example of what happened when Rogue Angel had to go off and recuperate ?

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