Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: Love is a Battlefied - Annalisa Daughtey

Looking for a new Christian series to read ?
Why not take a "Walk in the Park" with Book #1 as Pat Benatar sung "Love is a Battlefield".
Review:Love is a Battlefield - Book #1 A Walk in the Park - October 2009
Have you ever brought a book series because you have been attracted by the covers and for the fact that they sound like they can be an awesome read ? I have lots of times and the Walk in the Park series is no different. Being a Cover Crusher, when I saw this cover there was just something about it that drew me in and so of course I ended up buying the complete trilogy and as I read through the first book - I loved it and really enjoyed it .
Love is a Battlefield takes us into the life of Kristy. She has come back to work a different person than she was when she left as she has come back to her fiance leaving her at the altar and jobless as her position had been snatched up. Now having to sludge around as a Seasonal worker and watch the new ranger Ace Kennedy waltz in and take her job , she is furious. When Ace tries to romance and woo Kristy, she isnt taking any of the bait and soon Ace will release that she is jaded from the existence of real true love as to Kristy - true love only belongs in fairytales.  When Kristy ends up with three suitors, what will she do - will she end up getting back together with the failed fiance Mark , will she end up dating the Accountant and the son of her mother's friend Robert or will Ace Kennedy - Park Ranger extraodinaire manage to transform her perception of him in her eyes ?
Find out in this easy to read and fun, historical and enjoyable novel and now together as we sing as a group Cos "Love is a Battlefield"
I look forward to reading the remainder of the series :)

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