Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: Zoe's Muster - Barbara Hannay

Are you on the lookout for an Australian Rural Romance ?
Love reading what is called Chook Lit ?
Review: Zoe's Muster - Barbara Hannay - July 2012
I wonder if it's partly because I live in New Zealand but I have always had a soft spot for rural romances. Some are better than others I have found and one of those ones that I have really enjoyed was Zoe's Muster by Barbara Hannay. 
In Zoe's Muster, we meet Zoe who has always found that she is like the black sheep of her perfect family and with a peek at her dad's blood test results, she will soon discover that he is not her real father and that her perfect family is really her half-family. Wanting to discover what her "real" father is like Zoe sets out to find him , but not wanting to hurt her Dad's political career she decides to go undercover as the farm cook.  Here Zoe will get to know her father and his family- her half-siblings but what happens though when her newfound half-brother Luke tries to continually hit on her ? Will she reveal the truth to him or will she find herself on the outer as she tries to keep her secret.  Though this will be hard as Zoe ends up clashing with ranch worker and close friend of Luke's Mac. He knows she is hiding something and when he discovers the truth, will he reveal it to the family before she gets a chance or will he show a caring side and respect her wishes ?
I loved this book and can't wait to see what other releases Barbara Hannay will put out as if  it is as good as Zoe's Muster, it will be definitely headed to my must read list.


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