Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: One Tough Chick - Leslie Margolis

Looking for a great role model for your tween daughter ?  Check out the Annabelle series  by Leslie Margolis and the best thing about this series , is that you don't have to read them in order.
Review: One Tough Chick - Leslie Margolis - January 2013
After completing a book on puppy training with her dog Pepper, it seems that Annabelle has learnt that taming guys is almost the same thing and we see as Annabelle puts on her tough exterior and becomes nicknamed throughout the novel as "one tough chick". In this book without giving too much away we read as Annabelle gets her first boyfriend Oliver , and talent show fever has hit her school and Annabelle has been chosen to become a judge , but what will happen when the other contestants start to shower and try and kiss up to Annabelle, will her final deciding on who wins be swayed with bribes ? Something is up with her parents, are they breaking up or will there be a bigger announcement of news ?
Find out in this quick and easy tween read, appropiate for girls aged 11-16+.

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