Friday, April 1, 2016

VBT# Jessie Kasper - Bradon Nave

Jessie Kasper (Before We Fractured, #1) 

Review: Jessie Kasper - Book #1 Before We Fractured - Bradon Nave - February 2016

I had been looking forward to reading this book as I had recently read one of this author's previous books "Keeping Tarnished" and it was so powerful and amazing . Jessie Kasper was the same , this book was AMAZING and I believe it is one that every YA needs to read and have on their list as it helps deal with the raging emotions that we go through . Jessie Kasper has it all from dealing with grief in different levels to a hypochrondriac level to abuse from those who should be caring for us the most to best friends and the ones who do care and love us and would go to the ends of the earth for us - no matter what , the ones that will always stand by us. The main character Jessie Kasper who BTW is a dude has suffered a terrible blow as his mum passed away from Cancer and then his brother died from another form of Cancer. This caused Jessie to become on edge and believe that he was suffering from cancer himself which led him to talking to a new therapist who seemed to be helping him. During this time he meets Kelsey - who has moved to their town after her father had passed away. She too is struggling with issues that unfortunately she can't find the words to explain and share and when the truth is revealed , it will cause Kelsey and Jessie to enter down a rabbit hole and leaving behind a trail of secrets.  One of my favourite characters in Jessie Kasper was Duke who was Jessie's best friend - even though he was a typical male you could tell he was loyal to Jessie and there for him no matter what happened. 
Without giving too much away , I will finish with that this book does deal with alot of issues and could trigger raw emotions and memories.  If you have had someone close to you pass or have experienced abuse, then you may find it hard to read as it's too close to home. To finish off something that I did love in this book is that "We are not broken ever, we have just been slightly fractured and remember fractures and even broken bones can easily be fixed , being in this state is only temporary unless we let it become too big for us to handle" and when it hits that point - remember to always ask for help as people do care and if you want to do it anonymously then there are phone lines like Lifeline and Victim Support/ Grief support avaliable. 



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