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Review: Bad Boy Valentine - Celia Aaron

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Bad Boy Valentine (The Hard and Dirty Holidays, #2)

Review: Bad Boy Valentine - Book #2 The Hard and Dirty Holidays - Celia Aaron - December 2015

One of my favorite romance authors is Celia Aaron, I love all her books, and another thing that I am a sucker for is holiday romances. I love them as they epitome of romantic as what better way to spend a holiday with the ones you love or have secretly admired and then discovered that they feel the same way about you. Bad Boy Valentine was a quick read as I needed something to read on my lunch break. This book starts with us meeting Jess who a law student and is head over heels in love with her neighbor Michael.  Michael is a photographer and normally shoots modeling scenes, he is also HOT stuff and tattooed and sounded delish. Normally Jess just peeks on him through her peephole in the less creepy way as it does sound creeptastic. One thing leads to another, and the pair finally meet properly and turns out he has been harboring feelings for Jess as well. Of course, we all know the drill, a fabulous night and then lots of yummy sex and lovey-dovey feelings and then the sad point of the book hits when someone from Michael's past rocks up. Will Jess be able to compete or will she feel that her night with Michael was just that - a one night stand and a dream sex-fuelled evening? Can Michael prove to Jess he has changed and that he only wants her for Valentines Day and the rest of his life? 
Find out in this Valentine read "Bad Boy Valentine" by Celia Aaron.

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