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Review: Forced by the Professor - Celia Aaron

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Forced by the Professor (Forced Series, #2)

Review: Forced by the Professor - Book #2 Forced Series - Celia Aaron - July 2015

If you are a fan of Alexa Riley's smutty and trashy books, you know the ones that as soon as you open it - you know it will be sex, sex, and more sex. That's what Forced by the Professor was like, and it is a quick read too. I have to admit out of my favorite erotic romance forbidden love couples - the teacher/student rates quite high on my list. In Forced by the Professor, we meet Zoey who is a law student, though in a way it seems she doesn't want actually to be there as she is always late, never does the course work and is skating on by. Turns out though that she has been testing the Professor - Mr. Stevens and it has worked as her punishment is doled out to her and he has his way with her. We then discover it was all a ploy as there is another Professor Stevens - Mrs. Stevens, who wants out of the marriage and his money which she can't officially have since they signed a prenup unless he is caught cheating. Which is where Zoey came in,  She is the pawn between the two couples. I have to admit as I was reading, I was a little shocked that it became an F/F and M/F type story and that Zoey was sleeping with both Professors and then that ending shocked me a bit, but by then I was in this - Why not? Mood as they both seem to be enjoying her throughout the book. 

If you want a quick sex-fuelled BDSM erotica romance with the Professor/Student theme, then check out Forced by the Professor by Celia Aaron. Fans of Alexa Riley's books will find this one up their alley.


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