Monday, January 9, 2017

Review: Leopold, Part One: A Royal Heartbreakers Romance - Renna Peak and Ember Casey

Leopold, Part One: A Royal Heartbreakers Romance

Review: Leopold : Part One - Royal Heartbreakers Series - Renna Peak and Ember Casey - July 2016

For the past year, Ellie aka Eleanor Parker has been working as a Doctor in the Children's clinic in Rio De Campo, South America. When she arrived, she was surprised to see it in the state it was especially since the royal family was funding it. Now a week before her contract ends, she is visited by the Royal Family in the form of Prince Leopold who has been sent from Moltovia to take a look at the finances and to see where the families money for the clinic is going and whether it has been used properly. He gets a shock as the clinic is run down and not what he expected and nor was the doctor. Leo gets on the wrong foot of Elle by accusing her of misappropriating funds and then as the day gets on, he soon discovers how wrong he was and where the money is going. As in this small town, the patients can't afford care, and so Elle doesn't believe she should charge them the astronomical prices, and if someone needs proper hospital treatment, she uses the funds or her salary to pay for them. I liked Ellie but had hoped we could learn why she had taken this position in the first place.  I have to admit normally I love the royals and princes but I found it hard to like Leo's character. He just seemed too much of a jerk, and I found him far too arrogant. It's like Ok, we get it you are part of the royal family but dial it down a bit, nobody cares.  Part #1 ends on a cliffhanger where we meet the new upcoming Doctor who is taking over Ellie's position. I am in two minds about continuing as I love to see what develops with Ellie and Leo but their characters aren't grabbing me as much as I had originally hoped.

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