Monday, January 9, 2017

Review: Open Hearts - Erin Hayes

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Open Hearts

Review : Open Hearts - Erin Hayes - February 2016

Imagine one day waking up to discover that you need a new heart otherwise you will die? Would you stop living your life or would you try and live it to the full? Six months ago Rebecca aka Becks finally received a new heart and had a transplant. For the last few months, she has been getting through day by day taking her anti-rejection pills, trying to live her life with the knowledge she has been given a second chance. Rhys had had a hard life growing up, ever since his father left when he was five years old. It has just been him, and she and his mother weren't the best example or role model for him. When Rhys learns that his father has died and that he has an autistic half-sister, he heads to Alabama to live with his Grandfather and help when needed. During a gas stop, Rhys meets Becks, and she ends up naming his motorcycle Belle. As a fan of Beauty and the Beast, I loved this part. The two start to get close and end up in a whirlwind romance but what will happen when they start to fall too deep, and Becks heart has a rejection episode? Will they realize that their love will always be restricted by the fact that Becks is living on borrowed time with someone else's heart? Or will they take the romantic notion and route that life is too short to miss out on love and happiness?
Find out in Erin Hayes's book "Open Hearts."

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