Monday, January 9, 2017

Review: Pretty Little Liars: We're In This Together (Kindle Worlds) - Kelly Padmore

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Pretty Little Liars: We're In This Together (Kindle Worlds Short Story)

Review: We're in this Together - Pretty Little Liars Kindle Worlds - Kelly Padmore - November 2013:

It's Pretty Little Liars time with this Kindle Worlds story. As a big fan of Pretty Little Liars, I love this fanfiction that writers have done as it means I still get my dose of my favorite characters despite Sara Shepard finishing her series and the Tv series currently on hiatus. I have to admit; I'll have to go back and rewatch all the seasons if I start to feel sad and missing it as it's nearly to an end. This book is set after the end of Season four with Emily recuperating from her shoulder injury and she is busy dating Paige. It is Paige's birthday coming up, and Emily wants to celebrate it with her as Paige has never really experienced the whole birthday scene before. However, "A" is about to put a damper on this situation as Emily receives a text message warning her to stay away from the party or else something bad will happen. "A" has already gotten rid of Maya, will Emily take the risk and attend the party only to lose Paige as well? The girls are about to discover that "A' isn't playing around when tragedy happens, and Paige loses her footing. Will Emily be saying goodbye to yet another girlfriend or will the fall just be a warning to the girls that "A" doesn't like to be messed with?
Find out in this Kindle Worlds installment of the Pretty Little Liars Fan-Fiction by Kelly Padmore. Perfect for fans of both the books and TV series of Pretty Little Liars.


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