Monday, January 9, 2017

Review; Sleeping in the Morgue - Jennifer Tressen

Sleeping in the Morgue

Review: Sleeping in the Morgue - Jennifer Tressen - October 2013

After reading light-hearted and sexy books, I was in the mood for a bit of mystery and have also been going through my Kindle and clearing out older books. I came across this one, and it looked interesting. Sleeping in the Morgue starts off innocent with Paige Thorton who is the local mortician's daughter. She has a great boyfriend Brock who is a cop and her best friend Shelby - Brock's younger sister. In their last year of college, she has applied for Harvard University and has gotten in with a partial scholarship. Her dreams are finally coming true, and she can escape this small town and her horrible mother. That's when things started to go all American Psycho Two on us as Paige needs the money for college and discovers her bank account and savings drained. She gets $500 per body at the Morgue and needs $10,000. Her boyfriend brings up one day about the secrets people in this town hiding and how they need to be dealt with. Paige sees a solution to not only the town's crime rate but also her financial problems and starts becoming a serial killer. As the bodies start piling up, Brock is becoming suspicious - has Paige gone too far or will she get away with it and end up rooming with Shelby and living her Harvard dreams like her inspiration Elle Woods? Find out in Sleeping in the Morgue by Jennifer Tressen. Fans of films like American Psycho 2 and Jennifer's Body will enjoy.


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