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VBT# Blogging for Smarties - Yvonne Wu

Blogging for Smarties Blogging for Authors and Speakers

Review: Blogging For Smarties - Yvonne Wu - September 2012

In the world of the Internet and Digital Literacy, in a world where Social Media is the way to get out the word about absolutely anything and everything. Blogging is becoming a fashionable tool and something that is taking over the internet. It is rumoured with statistics that every half a second, a blog is created. Imagine that, I did a search just before on Blogs, and it told me with a live bean-counter that currently today over 4.8 million blog posts have been written TODAY ALONE. That seems crazy, right. How do we make our blog stand out from the others? How do we ensure that it doesn't get lost in the sea of blogs out there? First, you need to have a Niche -hopefully, it is something you are passionate about as then you will stand out. For me, personally, I started this blog as somewhere to write my library book reviews and then within six months I was becoming inundated with book review requests. Yvonne Wu has collated information, tips, and tricks on EVERYTHING related to Blogging into this one ebook designed especially for you. No longer are we lumping you in the Dummies section as HELLO, you aren't a dummy as you want to start a blog so say GOODBYE to the Dummies guides and say HELLO to Blogging for Smarties. As I am a semi-newbie with Wordpress, I found this useful and will be keeping it on my Kindle as a reference guide in case I get stuck along the way as I am in the process of creating a blog on Wordpress.
Blogging for Smarties covers everything you will ever need to know from and is the perfect one-stop guide for anyone wanting to learn about Blogging or needs a refresher. 

Blogging Basics for Beginners
How to Attract Readers
Popular Blogging Platforms
How to Setup WordPress
Discover How to Use WordPress
Useful Plugins for Authors and Speakers
Discover Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Website
Easy Tips on How to Make Money with Your Blog
Learn Effective Podcasting
How to Market Your Podcast
Two Comprehensive Videos on How to Set-up Your Blog
Important Links to Resource


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