Thursday, September 12, 2019

Review: Charity Case - Ivy Clyde

Charity Case (Kings of Knightswood Academy #1)

Review: Charity Case - Book #1 Kings of Knightswood Academy Series - Ivy Clyde - August 2019
I've been really loving the Bullymance and Academy tropes at the moment and enjoying it. Charity Case by Ivy Clyde, the cover jumped out at me and so I grabbed it on Kindle Unlimited. Charity Case starts off with Paris and her best friend Zoya at her mother's bakery having fun. They kiss her goodbye and head to meet Nikolai - Zoya's stepbrother at Knightswood Academy which is a rich elite school. During that time, they get a phone call and Paris's life is changed forever. She is headed to a stranger's home and then enrolled at Knightswood Academy. Of course, as she is poor and a ward of the state now she is viewed as the help and the Davenport's son Liam whom she is staying with isn't going to make things easy for her as he wants her gone. As soon as she arrives, Paris is happy to see her best friend Zoya but the bullying starts as nobody rich and wealthy want a poor girl taking over their school and threatening their statuses. We have a tiny bit of bullying from our main three males but then that dies off as they show romantic interest in Paris. The bullying in Knightswood Academy tends to come from the Queen Bees of the school who are feeling left out as the hot guys tend to be gravitating towards Paris.  The bullying also gets quite intense in the last half of the book when Paris stands up for a new friend Lucas and his cousin's aren't pleased with the friendship and set out to break and ruin Paris for interfering with family business. I did like the part where Gabrielle's ( that's one of the guys) Grandfather has a connection to Paris's mother. I had hoped we would find out about her real father, but it didn't come up. Maybe in the second book.  Charity Case by Ivy Clyde also finished on an edgy cliffhanger scene too - so I can't wait to read Book#2 when written as went straight to Amazon and noticed we didn't have one up on the author's page.

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