Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review: The Forgotten Locket - Lisa Mangum

Isn't it always sad when you come to the end of a series that you have enjoyed, but then again to look on the positive side , you have just finished an amazing series and now you can move on to another awesome series of books.

The Forgotten Locket (Hourglass Door Trilogy)
Review: The Forgotten Locket- Book #3 The Hourglass Trilogy- June 2011
I don't know about you but I always tend to be a bit sad when I reach the end of a book series as it's like OMG I have to part with the main characters, leave them behind and find new friends and characters to read about and get to know. So is with the Forgotten Locket, the third and final book in the Hourglass Trilogy . It's the book that we say goodbye to awesome characters Abby , Dante and his brother Leo/Orlando , Valerie and to evil characters like Zo and his crew. In Book #2 The Golden Spiral, we read as Abby with the help of her best friends helped re-create the Hourglass Door in order to step through the time machine and at the end of The Golden Spiral we read as a distraught Abby left Dante in order to help save the ones she loves from Zo. In The Forgotten Locket, we are reunited with Dante who is blind and injured , and his brother Leo or in this case Orlando as he seems to have forgotten his life as Leo and Abby goes back in time to when he was first cast away in the Time Machine for treason. Abby has one goal in mind , which to her will help restore the peace and balance back in her world and the ones she loves, to repair the time machine and the river of time. Can she do it in time or as we read before Zo -her arch-enemy interferes once again as he has plans for her. Soon we read as Abby becomes involved in a battle of not only good and evil but of time - past, present and the future. Can Abby save Dante or are Zo's evil ways coming quicker than she can fight off ?
The Forgotten Locket is a great way to finish off the series as it's all a race of time for Abby to save A) the ones she loves in the modern world - her family and friends in school and B) to save those who are trapped in the river of time - Dante and Leo. Can Abby save them without losing herself and ending up like her friend Valerie or will it be too much of a risk and the time for her to say Goodbye forever to Dante- her true love?
Find out in The Forgotten Locket , which unlike the other two books this one tends to favour a lot of time in the past rather than present.

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