Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: As For Me and My House - Rose Marie Whiteside

One of the most important things that we can offer in life is Education.
As For Me And My House: Education Is Important
Review: As For Me and My House - Rose Marie Whiteside- March 2011
As a society of learning, one of the most important things in life that we can do is offer the opportunity for each and everyone to get an education.
Rose Marie Whiteside as put together As For Me and My House which is a GPS guide for parents of school aged children. In America children start school as I googled it at 6 years which is the same in Australia whereas in New Zealand unless you attend a Rudolf Steiner school which is also 6yrs , the average age of starting school is 5yrs old. As for me and my house is written and mainly aimed at American Households and for those who are christians it does incorporate some bible verses to back up what the author is trying to get across. The book is split into three parts - the first part is all about the House. It discusses families values, beliefs ,structure, influences - all that knowledge your child is going to have before they enter school. Again, as I have not really seen this as a big deal in New Zealand but I have heard of it in America- it covers Education and Civil Rights as a whole nation. No matter where you send your child to school, there will always be different races - that for certain is something we also experience in New Zealand and with more people migrating to New Zealand , it seems that those of New Zealand born descent are slowly becoming outnumbered. In Rose Marie's book , she discusses the cultures of African Americans , Hispanics. Asians, Caucasian and Native Americans. The second part focuses on taking action - getting the perfect education for your child , making sure they are recieving what they need and are entitled too etc and the last part is the issues that can arise in any educational institution - from racism , bullying, intimidation , homeschooling - when being at school just isn't the right decision etc. As somebody who has not yet had children , I can't really go into any more depth but as somebody who has seen parents struggle with the school system etc and issues that are happening in schools. As For Me and My House is the perfect guide for all parents who have a child entering Primary School. It does have some aspects appropiate for New Zealanders, but it is aimed primarily at parents with Children entering the American Schooling systems.

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