Monday, August 29, 2011

Review: The Undertaker - Bill Brown

Wanting a new mystery novel to sink your teeth in ?

The Undertaker
Review: The Undertaker - William Brown- January 2011
From the front cover , I could tell that this was going to be an excellent serial killer novel with a hint of politics - the cover also gives off a Dexter feel to it - think the serial killer series by Jeff Lindsey which was also made into a hit TV show . As I opened the book , I was amazed at the likeness of the serial killer's mo to Dexter and unfortunately for the first few chapters I couldn't get Dexter out of my head as like Dexter - The Undertaker is a clean killer , he lies them on a steel bed that kind of reminded me of a hospital gurney, straps them to the gurney and uses a surgical scapel to kill them , Using a surgical scapel can always result in two ways - a sharp , quick death or a slow and painful torture depending which arteries or veins you slice. As a mystery fan , I found The Undertaker to be a great read as the novel was fast-paced and kept the reader thrilled as I'm not one of those readers who like too many details in my murder mysteries - The Undertaker was more James Patterson and Jeff Lindsey rather than Karin Slaughter and Patricia Cornwall in writing style.  The Undertaker begins with a computer technician reading in the paper one day - a death notice for him and his wife , however he doesn't mind his name used though he is eager to find out why, but using his wife's as she died a few months ago by Cancer and Paul Talbot is still grieving . As the novel reads on we see Paul team up with Sandy , who becomes Paul's girlfriend of sorts to try and get to the bottom of this and clear up his and his wife's name. The odyssey takes Paul and Sandy into a whirlwind world of corruption, politics , danger and finally murder. As the two get deeper in , can they find themselves a way out or will Paul and Sandy fall victims to the serial killer known as "The Undertaker".

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