Saturday, August 13, 2011

VBT# Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny - Pepper O'Neal

Vampires, Lycan and Tigers Oh,My....... . Today's VBT# author is Pepper O'Neal with her book Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny.

Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny
Review: Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny - Pepper O'Neal- May 2011
Are you a fan of the Paranormal Romantic Suspense novels ? If so, Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny has everything you need from Mystery, Romance and Paranormal creatures. American Private Investigators Chase and David are on the brink of losing their PI business unless they can get into some cash to pay the bills fast . Their only source of income happens to be a criminal named Nolan who holds the key to them getting paid but when he escapes and causes a high speed car crash, the car's not the only thing to come crashing down as Nolan gets away. During their crash, they end up hitting an elderly man who we discover is Lord Fernwood and who happens coindenkly been on his way to Chase and David's PI offices. Some strange deaths have been occuring at the Fernwood mansion and now he wants Chase and David to go undercover as Interior designers to investigate. Is this the case they have been waiting for to put them back into business and solve their financial problems , it seems to good to be true and as we discover once they are across the ocean -it is, as Roman Fernwood - Lord Fernwood's grandson is in fact half lycan/half vampire and someone is setting him up to look like a murderer . We soon discover that Chase is in fact not entirely human but a half-tiger/ half -human and as she has no family , she is unaware. At age 29, she is at a crucial point in her life as her powers are about to come into full bloom and her claws out. It seems as well that she has attracted some unnessecary attention of both Roman and another Weretiger who wants to claim her as his mate as we discover the branch that Chase belongs to is considered royalty amongst the Were-tiger community ? Will the case be solved or will it become too much as Chase discovers her true identity and which hunk will she leave with at the end of the novel -Roman or Dillon or will somebody appear last minute ?
Find out all this and more in Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny by Pepper O'Neal.

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