Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review: Heartless - Sara Shepard

So making my way through the books and at a record speed as I present to you Book #7 out of the current 9 , which I found out last review that there is in fact going to be 12 books :) YAY , it's amazing how addictive Pretty Little Liars is.

Heartless. Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars)
Review: Heartless - Book #7 Pretty Little Liars Series - Sara Shepard- March 2011
It's Pretty Little Liars time again and in Heartless it will make your heart jump in a way as we near the conclusion of who killed Ali and I'm dying to actually discover who the true "A" is :). In Heartless , we see the effects and the aftermath of the arson attack on Spencer's barn , the fire that nearly killed our lovely foursome and then the shocking revelation that they all in fact saw Ali in the woods. However , it seems that the only one telling the truth is Emily who runs to the cops and tells them they saw Ali. In the Books and on the TV Series but specially the books, I have to say I find Emily so annoying as she tries so hard to be good and tell the truth, though if she told the truth from the beginning then she wouldn't be in this situation at all. In Heartless , we see the girls lives change as they near the discovery of trying to work out in their own ways- who or if Ali is actually dead and who may have killed her. Emily is sent to pretend to be Amish in Lancaster Pennsylvania by "A" where she meets a girl named Lucy Zook . Lucy has been hiding a secret of her own -4 yrs ago and its actually the day before Ali went missing , her older sister Leah and her boyfriend disappeared and never returned home. It seems as we discover that Leah's boyfriend was none other than Officer Darren Wilden - the Rosewood PD Cop who is supposedly trying to solve Ali's case. Did Darren kill Leah and make it look like Ali's death or are the two connected ? Hanna is sent to a Psychiatric facility where she meets patient Iris , who happens to have a drawing of a girl named Courtney who looks eerily like somebody Hanna knows - Ali . Who is this Courtney , was it a alias of Ali's ? Spencer's been getting closer to her family but what will happen when she discovers ,that she has a closer connection to Ali than she realised as both Spencer's Parents and Ali's Parents secrets are revealed ? Aria flashes back to the day when she asked Byron whether ghosts can send text messages and decides to visit a Seance to contact Ali , there she meets Noel Kahn who is hiding secrets of his own - sparks are flying between Aria and Noel - will they be the next Pretty Little Liars happy couple ?
Find out in Book #7 when we discover that "A" when it comes to the crunch can be nothing but a Heartless B***h and we say Goodbye to another Pretty Little Liars character as death hits Rosewood once again ? Who will it Be Ali , Jenna Cavanaugh or Naomi ?

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