Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review: Trefoil - Em Petrova (R18 Read)

Wanting a steamy Immortal read that contains it's fair share of sex scenes ?

Review: Trefoil - Em Petrova - April 2011
Are you in the mood for a steamy hot read , one that will definitely in places get that blood and other parts of your body pumping ? Trefoil , takes us into the life of Lillian and her husband John who are celebrating their anniversary . John made Lillian into an immortal in 1940 and they have been living the life until recently , Lillian has been feeling what is called The Calling - the imprinting of Mates - her chosen partner to spend eternity with, but how can that be when John -her husband is supposed to be her mate with his imprinting , something is not lining up. As the novel continues, we meet Nathan who we discover is Lillian's rightful mate and he will do everything in his power to claim her. It seems that John LeClair is not all it seems and that he was the maker of Nathan back in the war and he had something to do with Lillian's husband's death as the truth about her past life and former mortal husband's name Robert Albright pops up throughout the novel. Can Lillian choose who to be with or will her putting the decision off make her weaker ? Will Lillian choose John- the one man she thought that she would spend eternity with or is the right choice being with Nathan ? John though, won't leave Lillian without a fight as we see the two men go head in head for the heart and affections of Lillian LeClair ?
Will Lillian leave the novel with John or will she come out with Nathan ?
Find out all this and more in Trefoil by Em Petrova.

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