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Review: Ominous - Kate Brian

Are you a fan of the Private Series by Kate Brian ? Have you read Book #12 and the Prequel to the Private Series "Book of Spells". What did you think of the twists and turns in the novel ?
The Billings originals becoming witches ? Check out Book #13 Ominous in the Private Series.
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Ominous (Private)
Review: Ominous - Private Series Book #13 - Kate Brian- February  2011
For those who have not yet read "The Book of Spells" , I'd highly advise that you read it before attempting Ominous as you may not understand the gist of the book as in a way it is like a follow on to the prequel. Whereas the prequel was set at the beginning of the creation of Billings Hall , Ominous is set in present time and follows the lives of all our familiar characters like Reed and Noelle . It is in Ominous that it becomes out in the open that Noelle and Reed are in fact half-sisters and their grandmother hands them a Spell book that was created by the first set of Billings Girls. It seems though that Reed is connected to one in particular Eliza Williams and she starts to experience visions. When a number of the Billings House girls go missing and they end up being the ones in Reed's visions, the  girls start to believe that maybe the witchcraft is actually true. It was said that when all the originals ancestors gather in one place that the spells would be alive once again and bad things would occur. As the novel goes on we discover that Noelle , Reed , Arianna and Cheyenne were all descendants of the Original Billings sisters . Reed however holds the power as she is not just related to one Eliza Williams but due to her newfound discovery of her father - she was also related to the original founder of Billings Hall - Theresa Billings.
Can Reed with the help of Noelle save the rest of their house from becoming victims or is this just the beginning of a curse that was placed on the Billings/Williams ancestors all those moons ago?
Find out in Book #13 Ominous and being #13 I guess it is appropiate enough and stay tuned as I review Kate Brian's other series - Privilege.

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