Monday, August 8, 2011

VBT# The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe - Sandi Gelles-Cole

Today's VBT# is on behalf of Pump Up Your Book Promotions and on tour is Sandi Gelles-Cole with her book "The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe".
The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe
Review: The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe - Sandi Gelles-Cole -April 2011
Are you a fan of the Hollywood Heartbreaker Marilyn Monroe ? Have a thing for the old stars of Hollywood Cinema. For me, reading this book was enjoyable as I have a thing for what I call Vintage Stars as my room is adorned with the likes of Audrey Hepburn, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. This year also is a celebrated year for Marilyn Monroe fans as if she was still alive and kicking she would have celebrated her 85th Birthday on June 1st 2011. So when I saw this book advertised for a tour , I jumped at the chance - if not for a small trip down memory lane but a massive leap into What If ???? . What if ,Marilyn Monroe had lived that night on August 5th 1962 , what if her life hadn't ended at aged 36yrs old. Her Death was never really solved and was classified as "possible suicide". However , Sandi Gelles-Cole puts to rest her version of what happened that night and answers all of our what-if's Marilyn survived that fateful night , what if Joey DiMaggio saved her from her evil housemaid who wanted revenge for firing her -Eunice Murray. The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe details her life from August 5th 1962 right up to June 1st 2011 and talks about her life as Norma Jean Baker , as Marilyn Monroe and her life After Marilyn which saw her hide her identity and become a whole new person Cherie .
The Memoir of Marilyn Monroe is the ideal read for any film buff and any true fan of Marilyn Monroe's will love it to pieces and thrive on the What-If's.

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