Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Sister Circle - Vonette Bright and Nancy Moser

Wanting a new Christian Chick-Lit series to try , Have you read and enjoyed the series Sisterchicks by Robin Jones Gunn ?

The Sister Circle (The Sister Circle Series #1)
Review: The Sister Circle - The Sister Circle Books #1 - Nancy Moser and Vonette Bright - May 2008
In the mood for some fun tales filled with heart and soul and a sprinkle of God's doing. Meet Eveleyn Peerbaugh , her husband Aaron has just recently passed away and she has discovered that he has only left her with $10,000 to survive on. At 56yrs old Evelyn has never had a job and wouldn't know where to start, in fear of losing her home which had been in her husband's family for generations -she is inspired with an idea to turn the three extra bedrooms into a boarding house . So Evelyn, unsure on how to attract customers nails a sign on her porch and leaves it up to God's will. Within the first 5 hours of having her sign up, all three rooms will be filled. First up is Mae Fitzpatrick, a free spirited divorcee and a barrell of laughs , next up is Tessa aka Tessie - she is one of those full-on religious nuts and an academic and lastly single mother Audra and her five year old daughter Summer. Over the course of the novel , we read and discover the true meaning of sisterhood as the four women get up to mischief , have heated arguments which result in the silent treatment and share their stories and tales of how they ended up where they are today - all sitting round the dining table in Evelyn Peerbaugh's dining room.
The Sister Circle is a book  that will have you feeling a variety of emotions as we experience the loss of family and the gaining of new ones though they may not be blood-related.

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