Monday, August 29, 2011

Review: A Great Catch - Lorna Seilstad

Did you enjoy the book "Making Waves" by Lorna Seilstad ? Book #1 in the Lake Manawa Series? Do you love those Christian novels where the women are strong characters ? If so , check out Book #2 in the Lake Manawa series written by Lorna Seilstad "A Great Catch".
Great Catch, A: A Novel (Lake Manawa Summers)
Review: A Great Catch - Lake Manawa Series #2 - Lorna Seilstad - May 2011
Meet Emily Graham and catch up with old friends in A Great Catch by Lorna Seilstad as we see Emily take to spending the summer at Lake Manawa with her 2 Aunts Ethel and Millie and Grandmother Kate. Along this journey , we also meet Emily's best friends Marguerite and Lily whom you may remember from Book #1 Making Waves. Emily's goal in life is to become one of the top Woman Suffragettes in America and to get the bill passed that women can cast the vote . As we can recall in history, this was one of the biggest movements in politics- the right for women to vote and for me , it is why one of my Idols in New Zealand is Kate Sheppard as she lead the cause in NZ. Emily is not interested in men and settling down playing house , however her aunties and grandmother have other ideas as we read about Emily's blind dates . However, it seems that Emily has captured the heart of newcomer Carter Stockon - a new pitcher for the Lake Manawa Owls Baseball team . He is eager to court Emily, but soon discovers that he will have his hands full and that it won't be an easy task as Emily is one of the most stubborn females around and she won't let herself be pushed around by men. It is soon discovered though that Emily is too falling for Carter, but as A Great Catch continues , we see Emily hit a cross-road in her life - will she abandon her dream of becoming a women suffragette to court Carter or will she choose a path of women suffragettes leaving Carter behind in the dust ? Or will she be revealed the opportunity to have both in her life ?
Find out which path Emily will take in Lorna Seilstad's A Great Catch and another great addition to her Lake Manawa Series.

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