Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review: Courageous - Randy Alcorn

Courageous: A Novel
Review: Courageous - Randy Alcorn - August 2011
If I had to sum this novel up in one word , it would be "WOW" . Writing this review is harder than I thought as this book would have to be one of the most amazing and outstanding novels that I have read ever. Where to start , Courageous focuses on four men - all Police officers who after a series of incidents and miracles decide to re-examine their lives and make a vow to God to forever be there in his name and to care for their families and be Men of God. The novel starts off with the newest Police officer Nathan Hayes , he and his family have just moved to Albany for a new life . On his first day, he stops at a petrol station to fill his car and his car is high-jacked - Nathan only thinking about his baby son Jackson in the backseat rushes to the truck and doesn't let go as the car is bustling down the highway , all for the love of saving his baby boy. What a father would do for their children is purely amazing and so heart-wrenching in Randy's new novel Courageous. I couldn't help as I was reading it , my eyes started tearing up and tears rolled down my cheeks - it was such an emotional novel, the love that poured out from the fathers. Adam - we see him go through tragedy as he loses a child but in the process ,he gains not only God's love but his family back and two children. David , five years ago -he was on a bad track and got a women pregnant and had a daughter. When he finds God, the first thing he does is writes a letter to the mother apologising and asking for her forgiveness as he would like a part in Olivia - his daughter's life if she allows and lastly Javier , him and his wife Carmen were low on money and left wondering how to support their family and children -when a miracle occured leading Javier to a job which lead to a door opening for Javier to meet Nathan and the others . Read as God touches and blesses Javier's family as they put their complete trust in him. This is one novel that I encourage every single person - female or male -especially male to read and if you aren't a reader , then keep your eyes peeled as Courageous is being made into a movie and it's definitely one movie I'm adding to my To be watched list.

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