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Review: Pretty Little Liars - Sara Shepard

I am in love with the Pretty Little Liars TV Show , Ive been watching each week and am up to Season Two but due to being in New Zealand , thank goodness for Online :) . As the release of the 9th Book "Twisted" and because I have been thoroughly enjoying the show , Ive decided to re-read the books. So today's review is starting where it all began in Book #1 .
Pretty Little Liars TV Tie-in Edition
Review: Pretty Little Liars - Book #1 PLL Series - Sara Shepard -2008
"Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead" - Benjamin Franklin
Taking you back to where it all started , the series that has become a hit TV Show - Pretty Little Liars. When the series was first released , I read Books 1-4 and then the library just took forever to get the others , so I didn't bother finishing it. Until recently though, that has changed due to watching the TV Series- Ive decided to re-read the series and with the release of the 9th Book :). I have a fair idea who A is but having read how they discovered it or got to the conclusion yet. Reading the books and watching the TV Series, you can notice similarities but also differences. In Book #1 we see Aria and her family arrive back from Iceland and all has changed , the girls who were best friends till Ali disappeared have separated and moved apart and each have different friends, lives etc. Though, this will all change soon as the girls all have one thing in Common - "A", A = the one person who knows their deep and darkest and dirtest secrets , who if spilt would cause a huge mess. In Book #1 we see Aria fall for Ezra "Mr Fitz" , her English Teacher , Hanna - get caught shoplifting and her mother making a deal with the officer Darren Wilde , Spencer - getting caught making out with Melissa's new boyfriend Wren and Emily - the start of her life as Gay with new next door neighbour - Maya. The secrets are beginning , can the girls keep their secrets under wraps or will "A" open her big mouth and cause a rift as we see the makings of a rift between Ezra and Aria ? . What I did notice was different in Book #1 in comparison with the TV Series is that Emily has a sister Carolyn , Im not sure if we will see the introduction of Carolyn on the show or whether they have left her out.
Find out what happens when you can't trust a pretty girl with a handful of ugly secrets in the first book of the awesome series "Pretty Little Liars".

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  1. I also love the TV show and have been afraid to read the books because I don't want to compare them to the show and have too many expectations. I just might have to check them out though!

    Bonnie @ HandsAndHome


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