Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review; Sticks and Stones - K J Larsen

Are you a fan of the light -hearted mysteries ? Ones that mix Chick lit with suspense ?
Sticks and Stones: A Cat DeLuca Mystery (Kat Deluca Mysteries)
Review: Sticks and Stones - Cat DeLuca Mysteries - KJ Larsen - February 2012

Wanting a Chicklit mystery with a side of infidelity? Cat DeLuca after discovering her husband’s cheating ways decided to open her own PI Business called “Pants on Fire” – an agency dedicated to helping women catch their cheating husbands in the act. While on a call, which saw Cat at the marina staking out a guy who as we discovered had the backside of a gorilla she gets a phone call from her assistant Cleo. She’s discovered that her husband Walter has been cheating on her with her sister of all people. Cleo with the help of Cat head back to their apartment to pick up Cleo’s handbag dog when they discover Walter murdered at his desk. As the novel reads on, we read as Cleo is the number one suspect and her protests that she’s innocent. Can Cat solve the crime of who killed Walter so that her assistant Cleo can be released? Sticks and Stones bring together an unlikely pairing of PI Cat DeLuca and Inga the beagle to save the day. Sticks and Stones is a light-hearted mystery that those who enjoyed Drop Dead Divas, Bulletproof Mascara and Hasta La Vista will enjoy.  Sticks and Stones is a tad slow in places so the reader may have to persevere, but overall a fun read.

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