Monday, August 29, 2011

Review: Call Me Duchess - Maggie Dove

Wanting a historical romance to keep you warm ?
Call Me Duchess
Review: Call Me Duchess- Maggie Dove - January 2011
All her life Marguerite has wanted one thing, to become the next Duchess of Wallingford, but after her mother died - her father gambled away everything leaving Marguerite and her two sisters Penny and Winifred penniless and homeless. After losing their cottage , Marguerite and her family are sent to live with their Aunts in London. Coming up , in London is the biggest event of the year - it's The Season. Where the girls parade in their pretty dresses , on the lookout for husbands and wealthy ones too. Marguerite has her eye on the Duke of Wallingford and if she get's her way by the end of the season . she shall be a Duchess . However, things don't always go to plan as her father has a list of suitable suitors for his daughters as his goal this season is to get them married off to someone wealthy as if the three aren't married by the end of the season , it's bye bye life and hello the world of work as a Governess. As they arrive in London, it seems that Marguerite has captured the eyes of not one but two suitors and one of those suitors is up to no good , as he has a reputation as a serial rapist. As the novel turns the pages, we read as Marguerite struggles with what's right and wrong and with the following of her heart or her head as she discovers that her lifelong goal may be just a dream . Can Marguerite get on track or will her decision and love be swayed by a mysterious gentleman with evil intentions. Will Marguerite find herself a love of her life and the dream of becoming a Duchess , just not with the suitor she thought or will she have her whole life dashed of dreams as she falls victim to a rapist and finds herself ruined and tarnished forever?
Find out all this and more in Maggie Dove's "Call Me Duchess".

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