Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: Now You See Her - James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Are you a fan of James Patterson's books ? Enjoy his stand-alone thrillers ?
Check out his latest release written with Michael Ledwidge.
Now You See Her
Review: Now You See Her - James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge - August 2011
Are you a fan of James Patterson's novels ? Have you read everything like myself written by him and his list of co-authors ? Together, James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge bring you a new stand-alone thriller titled "Now You See Her". Seventeen years ago, Nina Bloom had a whole different life , she was twenty-one year old Jeanine Fournier and married to a cop named Peter Fournier. However , life for the couple proved not to be idyllic as it was discovered that Peter had a previous wife who was murdered supposedly by him and at the time she was also pregnant. Now Jeannie is pregnant with Peter's child and discovers a dark secret that could ruin not just her life but his also . So she does what anyone else would do , she fakes her own death and pins it on a local serial killer - The Jump Killer. Jeanine changes her name to Nina Bloom and starts a new life in New York City. Fast forward, Seventeen years - Nina's created life is about to come crashing down around her as the courts have finally arrested somebody as the Jump Killer and Nina is the only one that can prove he is innocent. Taking a trip back to Key West is risky , but Nina does it anyway and soon her life collides once again with Peter. It's discovered that h is desperate to finish what he started , now the race is on for Nina to not only save Justin Harris from execution but to save herself and her daughter from Peter's harm.  A thrilling novel that as you read the last few chapters , you will be surely surprised as you discover who the real Jump Killer is.
For an awesome thrilling mystery that will keep you guessing till the end and keep you entertained try Now You See Her by James Patterson.

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