Monday, August 29, 2011

Review: Cry Baby - Jill Atkins

Wanting an edgy novel about Teen Pregnancies ?

Cry, Baby: Shades Series
Review: Cry Baby - Shades Series - Jill Atkins - November 2004
Teen Pregnancies are such a huge issue that as each day passes by , it's becoming more and more common in today's society.Cry Baby is a book that is targeted at those with the low reading abilities as its a teen book that is easy to read , big print and not too many words per page. Cry Baby tells the story of Charlie aka Charlotte whose fifteen years old , it follows as a diary format from the day she went to a party with her best friends, to sleeping with a guy and as you read it - you can see that it wasn't consensual as Charlie was drunk and wasted . To the result of ending up pregnant with his baby. Charlie scared and alone visits an abortion clinic with the premise of having an abortion. We read as she toys with the idea and then eventually tells her parents what has happened, scared out of her mind - her parents eventually come round to the idea and we see Charlie and her parents making the way to prepare for the baby. However , tragedy will strike Charlie as the baby is born a still birth - will this push her over the edge or was it meant to be ?
Find out in this heart-wrenching book that is a quick read but packs alot of heartbreak , pain and raw emotions into the few pages. In a way I found this novel similar to Go Ask Alice and Dear Nobody. I highly recommend this novel for anyone wanting to read about Teen pregnancies and what can/may happen.

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