Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: Wicked - Sara Shepard

Are you ready for more Pretty Little Liars as I reveal to you my review of Book #5 : Wicked by Sara Shepard.

Wicked. Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars)
Review: Wicked - Book #5 :Pretty Little Liars - Sara Shepard- February 2011
'The Sun always Shines on the Wicked" - Lucuis Annacus Seneca
As I make my way through the Pretty Little Liars series , I've reached the books where I can finally get surprised at the twists as they are all new to me and first time reads. In Wicked we recall the death of Mona who pretended to be "A" and the four girls are getting ready to start eleventh grade after a hectic and quietish summer. With Ian Thomas behind bars , the girls were left to their own accord -to spend the summer free from any "A" textes. However , in a way the "A" textes remind me a bit of Gossip Girl as once the bell rings and school's in session - the "A" textes once again begin flowing and as we all know , these four girls have alot of secrets to hide and alot are about to come into the open if they aren't careful enough. For Spencer, we read as she is shunned from her family after the whole Golden Orchid Ordeal and now the whole Ian Thomas Debacle but when Spencer's nana dies and Spencer is left from the will with her Nana stating the money go to her three natural-born grandchildren , it seems that our Spencer may not be a Hastings after all , was she adopted ? Aria meet a new guy to nurse her heartbreak at an Art Gallery opening but what happens when the new guy Xavier ends up dating her mother  Ella , It seems like Aria's the odd one out as her family start pairing up - Byron with Meredith , Ella with Xavier and Mike with Savannah. Can Aria find her Mr.Right or will she have to pull a Spencer with Xavier ? It seems that our Emily may not be lesbian after all but in fact bi-sexual as she starts to fancy newcomer Issac , has Emily finally found someone who loves and accepts her for who she is or when he discovers her sordid past , will he too flee the scene ? Hanna - reeling after the loss of her so-called BFF and her mum now living in Singapore , she has to play happy families with her dad , Isabel and Kate. What happens though when Kate's determined to be the perfect daughter ? Will her plan backfire or will it make Hanna fall into her old Miss Piggy ways with her accesory Kate's toothbrush ? It seems though that the girls have got Ali's Killer wrong again as Ian is released and it seems that the Officer Darren Wilden , hasn't exactly shared his Rosewood Past with the station and the girls as he is hiding something. We also read the death of another character in the Pretty Little Liars series , How many must die before Ali's Killer is revealed and "A" is over ?
Find out in Book #5 Wicked - Pretty Little Liars Series by Sara Shepard and stay tuned as I read and review Book #6 : Killer.

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