Monday, August 29, 2011

Review: Out with the In Crowd - Stephanie Morrill

Wanting a good Christian Teen Fiction novel to read ? Did you read The Re-invention of Skylar Holt - Book #1 by Stephanie Morrill ? Get ready for Book #2 - Out with the In Crowd.
Out with the In Crowd (The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt)
Review: Out with the In Crowd - The Re-Invention of Skylar Holt Book #2 - Stephanie Morrill - January 2011.
As we read in Book #1 after an incident at a party that nearly left Skylar raped and then when she woke up , she was so hung over and couldn't remember it the next day. She decided that she was going to change her life for the best, she was going to re-invent herself . Get a closer relationship with God , stop partying . As we read in Book #1 it took it's toll and Skylar ended up losing everything she had. In Book #2 Out with the In-Crowd , we read as Skylar is dating Connor - a good christian guy , her sister Abbie's pregnancy is going well and she is dating Chris - Connor's little brother. Though it seems that this is all about to fall apart , as Skylar's ex-best friend Jodie who also happens to be Connor's ex wants him back and will do everything in her power to make that happen. Will the jealously bug get the better of Skylar and tear the only good thing on her life apart ? Her parents are arguing and now her mother is moving out and to Hawaii . Abbie is stuck trying to decide what the right thing for the baby is , should she keep it or adopt it ? It seems that Skylar's life is not only falling apart at school but also in the home. Who knew Changing was going to be this hard ? When the going gets tough , will Skylar take the easy route and revert back to her old ways when she is offered an invite to a kegger or will she turn her problems to God and ask him for his help ? Find out what path Skylar Holt will take in Out with the In-Crowd, Book #2 of Th re-invention of Skylar Holt.

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