Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: Katy's Homecoming - Kim Vogel Sawyer

Have you been following the Katy Lambright series written by Kim Vogel Sawyer ? Get ready for Book #3 Katy's Homecoming.
Katy's Homecoming (Katy Lambright Series, The)
Review: Katy's Homecoming - Katy Lambright Series #3 - Kim Vogel Sawyer- January 2011
Katy is excited and worried at the same time as she has been nominated for the court in the up and coming event of the year - Salina High Homecoming Dance , it's a huge honor though when she hears that it's been a joke nomination , she starts to worry as is this a sign from God as dancing is against the Mennonite faith due to Dancing supposedly leading to Sin. Katy's household has another event coming up - her father is getting married to Rosemary , so Katy will inherit a new stepmother. Is Katy ready for the step of a new mother , a role Katy hasn't experienced in such a long time and Bryce has asked Katy to the dance , so that had her bouncing off the walls but lately Bryce seems to be ignoring Katy- did she do something wrong or is he getting cold feet ? Katy has also been experiencing some trouble at home as the boys in her community are calling her stuck up due to her attending a public school. All this sadness and hurt , just when Katy's life was starting to look up. Is God trying to tell Katy something ? We read as Katy re-evaluates her life and makes some big decisions into what is right and wrong ? Will Katy get her homecoming Dance or will she stay behind ?
Find out in Katy's Homecoming by Kim Vogel Sawyer

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