Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review: Die Young - Hayley and Michael DiMarco

Are you looking for a Teenage christian non-fiction book to read ? One to share with your son or daughter?
Review: Die Young - Hayley and Michael DiMarco - October 2011
Growing up, I have always admired the writings of Hayley and Michael DiMarco , they reach out to teens and young adults in such a way that it draws not only Christian teens but also non-christians into reading their books , they target issues that others may see as Edgy Content and non-Christian like but it is issues that even Christian teens face. We are just like worldly teens except for having the knowledge that God is real , some of us have morals and values set at God's standards but I know plenty of christian teens that have fallen trapped in the world views.
When I saw this book Die Young, the title grabbed me. Hayley and Michael have joined forces to reach both the male and female audience about becoming Born Again in Christ , by giving our all to him and in this book they have used the metaphor of dying in Christ and being risen again -resurected in God's light and his world. Filled with personal ancedotes and eulogies of Hayley and Michael with each chapter , this book reaches all ages. .
Living for yourself, they say, will destroy you. The only path to real life is through death—a death to self that frees people rescued by Jesus to live with the fearless love and rock-solid hope that he intended.
Based on the premise that the gospel turns life upside down, the DiMarcos explain the paradoxes that result: death is the new life; less is the new more; weak is the new strong; slavery is the new freedom. Their relatable, contemporary style packs a solid biblical punch, as they examine what the life and death of Christ means for those who have given their lives to him. This book will give readers a vision to dig deeper and bury themselves in Christ and to find contentment, safety, freedom, and victory in living for him.

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