Friday, January 6, 2012

Review: The Reluctant Cowgirl - Christine Lynxwiler

Wanting a fun but emotional roller-coaster of a ride Christian novel to read ?
Review: The Reluctant Cowgirl - The McCord Sisters Book #1 -Christine Lynxwiler - April 2009
I know that we are not meant to be judge a book by the cover people but OMG I love this cover so much , even though in comparison to other covers it is not that exciting - there is just something about this cover and the girl she is so radiant and beautiful.
In the Reluctant Cowgirl we meet Chrystle McCord , for the past seven years she has been living in the Big Apple as a struggling actress playing and flitting from part to part , on her last day in the play "Making a Splash" , she decides instead of sticking around for the after-party to surprise her soon-to-be fiance. However when she arrives home , she will be in for the shock of her life as she finds him in bed with her best friend.
Upset and nowhere else to go , Chrystle decides to head back home - the first time in Seven years besides her brother's wedding a few months back. Seven years ago , there was an accident in which her twin sister Cami died and if not for an argument Chrystle would have been with her.  Not being able to get past the grief , she disappeared to NYC.
With no-one to look after the ranch when her parents are on holiday , Chrystle agrees to help run it with the help of next door neighbour Jeremy. Meanwhile, Jeremy is going through some struggles of his own , his wife disappeared along with his daughter 10 months ago - he has never given up hope and it seems that God maybe ready to do a miracle in both Jeremy and Chrystle's lives.
An amazing read and awesome start to what I can only imagine is a top series , if the other books are anything like this one.

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