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Review: Cassie's Wedding Dress - Clare Revell

Have a bit of Wedding Fever ? Check out Cassie's Wedding Dress by Clare Revell .
Review: Cassie's Wedding Dress - Clare Revell - October 2011
As a young man marries a young woman, so will your Builder marry you; as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you. ~ Isaiah 62:5
Reading this book made me think of the way the world went manic and in chaos with the wedding of Prince William and Kate as in Cassie's Wedding Dress we discover that it is to be a Royal Wedding of Prince Edwin's and the whole town is decorating their windows for the celebration -( when the Royal wedding was on , my work decided to have a dress-up as Wedding guests to the Royal Wedding and then had a High-Tea morning tea).
In Cassie's Wedding Dress , we meet Cassie who had devoted herself to becoming the best Jockey she could be , until one training session she is involved in an accident with her horse Jeremiah and it seems like she will never be able to ride again, is God punishing her for spending more time with horses than him ?
Meanwhile, Cassie has her eyes set on the new Pastor in town - her and her brother Danny's old schoolfriend Jack. He and his daughter are back Pastoring in their smalltown. Seven years ago , Jack lost his wife and has been a single father . It thought all was well, but lately he has developed feelings for Cassie and Lara has been indicating about getting a new Mummy.
Is this God's way of prompting him to do something about it ? God's divine intervention at hand?
It seems that this season Weddings may be in the air and if God can show Jack and Cassie , then it maybe their time to celebrate and get married and Cassie wear that Dress she's been designing.
Find out more in Cassie's Wedding Dress by Clare Revell.


  1. Great review of CASSIE'S WEDDING DRESS. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I very much enjoyed Cassie's Wedding Dress! Love Clare Revell's writing style, and look forward to more of her wonderful stories.

  3. Clare Revell is an amazing and gifted writer. Don't miss this one OR her other books!


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