Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: Hunted -Cheryl Rainfield

Wanting a new Dystopian novel to read ? One that holds a spice of Supernatural abilities ?
Review: Hunted - Cheryl Rainfield - December 2011
Have you read Scars by Cheryl Rainfield ? If, so then you will know that her books hold that little bit extra to them , a part that sets them apart from the rest of the normal dystopian , edgy content, supernatural books that we read in today's society. Her books all come with an underlying issue or issues in this case that exist in today's world and amongst not only our teens but adults as well. Issues like Racism, Sexuality, Torture.
Hunted takes us into a society that has become Anti-Para - they can't stand and hate anyone with a paranormal ability, those who are Para's have two options to hide underground or try and blend in as a Normal - that's like you and me. The main character in this book is Caitlyn and her Mum. When Caitlyn was younger , at the turn of the Anti-world her father was killed and her brother Daniel taken. Since then Caitlyn and her mother have been on the run , posing as Normals to survive. Just when they think that they have found safety, it seems that their is a rat in the Underground and now Caitlyn and her mother have to survive on their own in order to live . At Caitlyn's new school, she meets Rachel who is a lesbian and discriminated for her choices . Can Caitlyn and her mother stay hidden or has the Hunters found her ? In Hunted we read about Rachel's sexuality , the racism of Anti-Para's and then when Caitlyn and her mother are captured , the torture and rituals that will encounter.
Hunted as everything one would want from a reality to today's issues to a theme of living in a Dystopian world to the Supernatural /Paranormal abilities of some of the characters.
An Awesome read for all , and if you have not yet read Cheryl's book "Scars" then what are you waiting for ?

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