Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review: Last Breath - Rachel Caine

Are you a fan of the Morganville Vampires series ? Like me, religiously followed the series in order all the way from Glass Houses to Book #11 Last Breath ?
Review : Last Breath - Book #11 Morganville Vampires - Rachel Caine - November 1st 2011
Are you a fan of Rachel Caine's Vampire series Morganville ? The town where once you enter , the only way to leave is in a body bag or under the rarest of moments with allowance from the founder Amelie. Wow , I so did not expect the twists and turns in Last Breath , but one thing I can say for sure is readers that Rachel Caine does not disappoint with Last Breath. As those can recall , in Book #10 Bite Club - Rachel tried something new with the story alternating from Shane's POV and other characters , in Last Breath she has decided to continue this as we see the story from all sides. Last Breath starts out like any other novel with everything being as fine and dandy as they can be in Morganville. Except for one tiny thing - Eve and Michael want to get married , this would have been otherwise fine except Michael is a Vampire and Eve a mere human. Vampires and Humans are not supposed to love each other and live happily ever after. What starts off as a mere Vampire/Human argument will turn out to be something greater that will end up threatning the lives of EVERYONE who lives in Morganville as Magnus has appeared and this can only mean one thing - DEATH. We hold our breaths as we see one of our favourite and long-standing characters breath their last breaths , will it be Michael , Shane , Claire or Eve ?
Remember back in Book #1 Glass Houses , we learnt that the Glass House has magic powers - we discover the origins of those and why as one of the Glass House members perish.
Last Breath was one of the few Morganville Vampire novels which actually had me in anticipation and sadness when I discovered that someone dies :(.
Readers stay tuned as do not despair , Last Breath is not the Last that we have heard of The Morganville Vampires.

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