Monday, January 16, 2012

Review : The Future of Us - Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

Ever wondered what life was like prior the Internet age ? What kids did before Cellphones, Internet and Facebook ?
Review: The Future of Us - Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler - 1 January 2012
Teen Authors Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler have paired together to bring you a time-travelling novel of sorts , a novel that reminds youth what life was like before Cellphones , Social networking sites , Xbox, Playstations and of course anything "I".
It is the year 1996 , teenagers hang out and play frisbee in the park , go for runs with their discmans. Computer's are just starting to become popular in households as statistics show that in 1996 -less than half of the high school population have ever used the internet and it would be another 8yrs before Mark Zuckenberg would invent Facebook. 
The Future of Us surrounds two high school students Emma and Josh. When Emma's dad announces the pregnancy of his new wife , he feels guilty and purchases Emma a new computer. The story gets interesting though when next door neighbour Josh's family recieve a disc in the mail introducing AOL online - the first development of emails and online messaging. The pair of them install the disc on Emma's computer and this is where things start getting interesting as it signs her on a programme called "Facebook" and get this it's her and her friends fifteen years in the future. Soon the pair of them start discovering about their futures and discover that the choices they make in their current lives can affect the outcomes. Can the Pair of them control their own destiny or will the ideas of their future become overwhelming and start affecting their everyday lives ?
The Future of Us was an amazing book that I think everyone should read , it's well-written and makes you wonder what would you do if you discovered a page about yourself set fifteen years in the future . Would you be curious ? Would you like yourself or try and change the outcome ?

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