Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review: Love Finds You in Martha's Vineyard - Melody Carlson

I've always been a fan of Christian Fiction novels and I have just discovered this awesome series called "Love Finds You" , there is alot of them and since I am supposed to be on a non-buying book binge this year , I will buy maybe one a fortnight  since I get paid fortnightly LOL:).
First one up is :
Review: Love Finds You in Martha's Vineyard - Massachusetts - Melody Carlson - April 2011
One of my favourite authors of all time and will be for eternity is Melody Carlson, there is something about her writing that will never bore me as I rapidly turn the pages in the book, reading page by page. A friend of mine had been talking about this series called "Love Finds You" and how wonderful it was , so I decided to purchase a few and this is the first one I have read in the series and it was actually really good and I am looking forward to reading and making my way through the complete list of titles. The other thing which was amazing about the book , was that the cover is really well done - it has a soft look to it , almost like it reminded me of the paintings by Thomas Kinkade.
In Love Finds You in Martha's Vineyard , we travel to first Chicago -the windy city where we meet one of our main characters Waverly named after the biscuit Waverly Wafers as we later discover. She has been a widow for the last four years and has felt that her life is in a rut , when her mum Vivian rings and offers her an escape - to come to Martha's Vineyard and help run the business her mother and Aunt Louise have just purchased - a builiding called "The Gallery". Waverly on impulse , sees this as an opportunity and moves hastily to Martha's Vineyard and believing she will be running an Art Gallery is shocked to discover it is in fact an Arcade Games shop. Has Waverly bitten off more than she can chew ?
New to Martha's Vineyard is Sicily - a nine year old visiting her dad Blake Erickson , she has been living in California and her dad wonders where his little girl has gone and who is this sullen girl in her place ? On a visit to the local Arcade , Sicily meets Waverly and the two hit it off as we read Waverly becoming like a "Big Sister" role model. Waverly soon discovers that this world is too small and that Blake is dating -well sort of Waverly's cousin Janice.
Though as Blake and Waverly get to know each other and Waverly spends more time with Sicily , has Blake chosen the wrong cousin ?
When fireworks erupt between Blake and Janice , will this be his chance to go for Waverly or will the family connection scare her off as well as the fact that her dead husband will always be on her mind ?

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