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Review: Ghosts of Romance Past - Laura Briggs

Do you love Charles Dicken's tale A Christmas Carol ? How about Matthew McCounaghey's film The Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past ? If so, then you will indeed love Laura Briggs release .....
Review: Ghosts of Romance Past - Laura Briggs - October 2011
Are you a fan of Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol ? Watched over and over again the Matthew McCounaghey movie Ghost's of Girlfriend's Past ? I can admit that I have and I just loved the Ghosts of storyline, it's one of my all-time favourites. Just think, how awesome it would be to be visited by people from your past ? When this book came up for review, I knew I just had to read it and I would love it to pieces -no doubt about that and I'm happy to say that Laura did a wonderful job in living up to the renditions of the Ghosts Tale.
In Ghost's of Romance Past, we meet Alice - she is a illustrator working for a Children's book company and her artistic partner is Jamie - little does everybody else realise was that these two were engaged to marry twelve years ago but Alice broke it off. Now Alice and her partner Warren who have been together for two years are about to become engaged and be married when Alice finally says YES. On her way to the bathroom, just after Warren asked her , she falls down and recieves a bump to her head but the bump will become the least of her problems when she starts seeing ghosts or ghostly images of her past. The first is of her Aunt Phil, who Alice had thought had been single all her life only to find that she had a love of her life who slipped away , next is her grandmother Rose who seemed happy but when she discovers her grandmother's journal it tells a different tale and last but not least her great-grandmother and her tale of a love triangle.
Who is Alice's soulmate is it Warren - her current beau or Jamie - the guy she let slip out of her hands twelve years ago and has she been given a second chance at love?
Find out in this awesome romantic rendition of a Christmas Carol.

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  1. I love A Christmas Carol- it is a holiday favorite and a story I can come back to time and time again. I have never seen Ghosts of Girlfriends Past- but it looked good. This book sounds interesting and I bet it will give me a lot to think about! Thanks for sharing!



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