Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: Kaptain Vamp - Joanne Lecuyer & Illus. Amy Rottinger

Today's book is a Children's Supernatural novel featuring our favourite creatures - Vampires.
Review: Kaptain Vamp -- Joanne Lecuyer and Illustrated by Amy Rottinger- October 2011
In a world of humans and where Vampires rule the literature world, it seems nowadays more common for Vampires to live among the human world. Learn to adapt to their ways, have other ways of gaining their food sources etc. For Teens we have had Morganville Vampires , Blue Bloods etc and for the younger audience girls  we have Sienna Mercer's Vampire Twin series and now for the boys we have Joanne Lecuyer's Kaptain Vamp.
Kaptain Vamp follows the life of Allistaire Varning , him and his family are Vampires though of course unlike his parents , him and his brother and sister are half-human/ half-vampires. Allistaire wishes to use his vampire powers for good and after reading and devouring comic books , he decides that in order to be a hero - he needs a costume and a superhero name - hence Kaptain Vamp is born. With the help of his human sidekick Rich , Allistaire will put his vampire powers to good work, though little will he realise that the medallion around his neck is connected to his superhero ideas.  A fun light-hearted , easy to read with wonderful bright illustrations - for all those younger siblings who feel they are missing out as their older sister reads Twilight.

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