Monday, January 30, 2012

Review : Borrowing Abby Grace Books #1 and #2 - Kelly Green

Looking for a new trilogy to read , one that's a nice quick read ? One that combines supernatural abilities with edgy content and real-life issues ?
Review: The Shadow - Book #1 Borrowing Abby Grace Series - Kelly Green - October 2011
When I was approached by Kelly Green to read and review her new series, I wasn't too sure what to expect and when I started reading with "The Shadow" , I was hooked - I love these type of stories , in a way it reminded me of a softer and more realistic version of Breanna Yovanoff's "The Replacement" or Carol Snow's novel "Switch".
In "The Shadow" , we discover as Abby Grace wakes up in the back of a van - it seems that she has been abducted and is suffering amnesia - how did she get here ? , what has happened? and more the fact who is she actually? Escaping from the side of the van , Abby Grace finds herself at the house of the girl - Brooke. Abby discovers that she is what is called a Shadow. They are the ones who inhabit your body, when you have a problem to be solved and you need help fixing it , they are the fixers . Here to restore the world back to the way it should be.
Now Abby must pretend to be Brooke and discover along with the help of her guardian Will , what problem Brooke needs solving and she better hurry up as it seems the whole shadow thing comes with a timelimit and an ultimatum either solve the problem or be stuck in Brooke's life forever.
Can Abby discover Brooke's problem or will her new identity be Brooke forever ?
At 50+ pages, The Shadow is a quick read and one that won't leave you disappointed.

Review: Girl Steals Guy - Book #2 Borrowing Abby Grace - Kelly Green - October 2011
We discovered in Book#1 that Abby Grace is a Shadow - these are the type of the people who have the ability to inhabit someone else's body when they have a problem that needs fixing, one that is too difficult for them to solve on their own and they need that little push. In Book#2 Abby Grace is transported into the body of Michelle . It seems that Michelle's friend Heather is down in the dumps and has love problems . Heather's ex-boyfriend Sam is dating another girl Cecila and Heather is depressed and upset. Abby decides that in order to help Heather , she must win the guy back for her though we later discover that that's not the case as Heather has been hiding a darker secret - one that if people found out they might not look at Heather the same way. Heather is gay and in love with Cecila not Sam , who is Sam supposed to be with ? Is Girl Steal Guy more about solving a problem for Michelle or Heather ? I enjoyed Book#2 a tad more than the first novel and am looking forward to reading Book#3.

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