Saturday, September 12, 2020

Review: The Last to See Her - Courtney Evan Tate

The Last to See Her

Review: The Last to See Her - Courtney Evan Tate - December 2020

When I saw that Courtney Evan Tate had a new book coming, I just had to read it as I have read everything to date by this author and I knew I would enjoy it in some capacity. What a rollercoaster ride was The Last to See Her. The book started with our main female lead Gen going through a divorce as her husband the past year has pulled away and had an affair. She just wants to leave the big city and move on. Before she does that, her sister Meg invites her to New York where she is speaking at a conference and thought the pair of them could have a girls' weekend. During the evening, the pair head back to the hotel, and Gen goes for a walk to clear her head. This was the last time Meg saw her as Gen never returns. The rest of the book goes along as Meg searches for her sister and secrets are revealed that could implicate Meg into her sister's disappearance. The novel is written in past/present chapters and I have to admit I found myself hating Meg and Thad - Gen's ex-husband. The pair of them freaking annoyed me and they deserve everything that comes to them in the novel. The Last to See Her has so many different twists and turns that I never saw coming and I have to admit I loved the ending of this story. I was like "Yes" Karma is served.
If you are looking for a new mystery writer to get stuck into, then check out Courtney Evan Tate and read her two earlier books before The Last to See Her is released in December.

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