Sunday, December 12, 2010

According to their Deeds - Paul Robertson

Today's book is a mystery and thriller novel for all those Mystery loving Christians and non as well.  I can't find a specific amount but I remember asking why books are classified under certain genres as a few of the Christian books that I have read , have other elements more stronger than what some may consider Christian as talking to a few customers around the library, they get a little turned off by the fact that the book has a cross on it as they turn their noses when they hear its Christian fiction and it's a real shame as their are some amazing and touching Christian fiction authors out there like Karen Kingsbury, Lori Copeland, Lauraine Snelling, Vicki Hinze, James Rubart, James Scott Bell and many many more.

Today's author is one of those , author of titles "The Heir" and "Road to Nowhere" - I bring to you Paul Robertson's latest novel "According to their deeds".

                                                                  According to Their Deeds

                           Review : According to Their Deeds - Paul Robertson - March 2009

According to their deeds , though classified as a Christian fiction is much much more . According to their deeds by Paul Robertson is a deadly game of Justice Versus Mercy.  When rare- book shop owner hears that one of his clients - a well-known political collector of antiques galore passes away suddenly -murder is on the cards -its back to the auction house to re-purchase his collection of rare books that he sold Derek.
Soon book shop Owner Charles Beale will discover hidden in one of the books, a series of papers linked to important people in government and the legal system , this piques Charles curiosity and starts him on a journey of getting in contact with the people Derek knew. Soon however , Charles will find himself embroiled in a game of cat and mouse as somebody wants those papers destroyed and the consequences Charles could embrace is death as those papers contain the sins of people who if revealed could destroy reputations, careers and even lives.
What has Charles gotten himself caught up in and will he be able to live According to their deeds.
My favourite part about this book is as the main setting is a bookshop, there are several literary puns and jokes spread among the pages. Ones that readers alike, will be in smiles and laughter .

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